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Microverse Automation Pvt. Ltd. was formed in 1989 by a group of technocrats with a mission to indigenously develop automation systems which compare well in terms of features and performance to those available from giant MNCs for an affordable price. During past 26 years of operation Microverse has bagged several prestigious contracts in competition with Giant MNCs for DCS with over 10,000 I/Os and features like triple redundancy for mission-critical applications. Besides over 150 installations in India, Microverse has established excellent references in Bhutan, Dubai, Oman, Bahrain. DR Congo. Microverse will soon commence its international operations from Dubai and Singapore.
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Microverse Automation Pvt. Ltd.
Sr. No. 79 / 2, 772 A, Near Agarwal Godown,
NDA Road, Shivane, Pune - 411023,
Maharashtra, India.
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