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Single Point Automation Contractor for Specialty Chemicals


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Industry | Chemical

Single Point Automation Contractor for Specialty Chemicals

Process owners today are looking for a complete one-stop-solution for automation, from process to electrical to instrumentation.

A specialty chemical manufacturer was looking for a single point or Main Automation Contractor for automation of their manual chemical plant. The nature of the process required understanding of the chemistry and handling of hazardous chemicals. The reactions were runaway and highly exothermic.

Microverse engaged with the client at all levels and provided solutions at each stage. The first phase required thoroughly understanding the process requirements and the chemistry involved. This enabled Microverse’s subject matter experts to guide the client on optimal ways to design the process for not just automation but for improvement of the product quality, batch cycle times and standardization of the processes.

Microverse then provided solutions for complete field electrical and instrumentation of the plant. The selection of field instruments was a critical aspect owing to the stringent process requirements. The DCS – Microsys 3200 ET was configured for automation of the entire production cycle.


One stop solution from process design to implementation for highly critical and hazardous process


For the client, there is a single entity responsible for the entire solution – Microverse. A holistic approach was adopted that includes everything from understanding the chemistry to the nuances of electical and instrumentation for successful automation of the plant.


Various Subject Matter Experts from Microverse’s team engaged with the corresponding client stakeholders to understand the critical factors of every stage of the process and identify pain points. Unique automation solutions were then designed to specifically address these. Entire plant was automated to ensure product standardization and optimal production efficiency.