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Batch Management for Auto and Manual Processes






Chemical Batch Process Management Module
Electronic Supervisor

Microverse Batch Management Tool allows users to:

  • Rapidly develop new recipes on the go. These can be new recipes or generated from standardized pre-defined templates.
  • The tool manages multiple recipes across multiple equipment. All the batches are controlled by through a batch number.
  • Development of new recipes does not require any technical programming, logic development of coding. It is expected that chemists should be able to new recipes. Some of our clients are running 1000s of recipes of product variants in parallel across multiple reactors with minimal human intervention.
  • Recipe steps can be a mix of automated, manual, or semi-automated. The tool handles all scenarios separately.
  • Audio visual announcements ensure that the operators are informed of the action to be taken. Immediate feedback is taken from the operators to ensure promptness and correctness.
  • Customized reports are automatically generated for each batch. Detailed steps of the batch are recorded along with the time stamp of each step and various parameters at the completion of the step. The reports are timestamped with the batch number, duration, and deviations if any.

Typically, with batches that include manual processes, following issues are noted:

  • Operators do not take timely action
  • Inconsistent batch time and batch quality
  • Batch operation is person dependent – rather than system dependent
  • Incorrect control over raw materials
  • Inadequate reporting and lack of transparency in operations
  • Plant and personnel safety might be compromised

Microverse Batch Management Tool ensures that along with automation, even the manual steps necessary for the process are closely monitored. Alarms are raised immediately in case any process deviations occur.