A firm in Pune has built a low-cost alert system to prevent explosions and help save lives in chemical and pharmaceutical plants. Every year, small and mid-sized factories in industrial belts in Maharashtra and the country are rocked by blasts, causing tremendous loss to human life and production material.

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Manufacturer but work on very specific segments in process automation. Our speciality lies in the automation of critical processes”, says Girish Mehendale, Founder & Managing Director.

“The expectations of the Indian process industry are very specific and stem from the operational issues the companies face. Typically, all existing automation solutions had been designed decades ago in Europe, America or Japan. They were then adapted to the Indian operating conditions. Microverse instead was born in India and specifically designed for this environment”.

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Sameer Pikale, National Sales & Marketing Head of Microverse Automation.
Microverse Automation with over 3 decades of legacy is among the pioneers of automation among home grown companies. How did this story begin?

Microverse Automation was founded with a nationalistic mission of designing and manufacturing complex technology-related solutions like Distributed Control Systems, PLC and now IIoT for Process Industry in India. For far too long India has been dependent on foreign companies and importing automation technology in India.

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