Power Plants

Automation Solution for Captive Power Plants

Microverse has an integrated approach to automation of power plants that covers the entire spectrum from coal feeding, feed water treatment to boiler automation and auxiliary turbine controls.

The crux of a successful power plant implementation lies in designing a highly robust and fail-safe system while ensuring the total cost of production is low. The system is designed keeping these two objectives in mind.

Additionally, a slew of advanced dashboarding features ensure that the power plant KPIs are made visible and available in realtime for all.

  • Boiler – loops such as three element drum level control, ID FD fan controls, desuperheater control loops, combustion control.
  • Turbine Supervisory Functions
  • Balance of Plant
  • Coal Handling Plant
  • Power monitoring, utilities

Water treatment plays a major role in ensuring proper quality of feed water.

Find out how Microverse has developed specialized control philisophies for feed water, water treatment, and DM water production