Microverse has decades of experience in managing the chemistry of automation. Microverse Automation’s proprietary control philosophies can be leveraged for managing critical and run-away reactions for batch as well as continuous processes.

Typical Processes



PolymerizationVegetable Oil ProcessingReactor Automation
Tank Farm Monitoring & ManagementAPI and Bulk Drugs

Batch Management

Microverse;s innovative Batch Management module specifically addresses the requirements of a complex batch processes and helps to optimize.
The various reports help to reduce Batch Cycle Time, improve yeild, reduce errors, and ensure repeated golden batches everytime.

Recipe Manager

Create hundreds of recipes from templates or configuring new recipes for each product or variant. The recipes are generic and can be run in any vessel simultaneously. Recipes are to be written by Chemists or Operators and require no instrumentation knowledge.

Manual, Semi-Auto, Fully Automatic Steps

Define complex recipes easily by selecting instruments and defining set-points. Set-points can be changed during batch to offer in-process flexibility. Conditional execution of steps can be configured.

Audio Instructions in Regional Language

Optional detailed audio instructions can be recorded for each step which is played repeatedly until Operator acknowledgement. Operator confirmation can be made mandatory for intermediate manual steps.

Detailed Batch Report

Extensive batch report for each recipe step along with logging of duration of step, process parameters during step, and time stamp of all activities performed.

Case Study

A detailed case study on how Microverse has improved the productivity of a chemical company by automation of their distillation, nitration, hydrogenation reactions along with utility monitoring to enhace plant efficiency, reduce process cycle time while implementing advanced process safety methods for the hazardous and run-away processes.