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Automation Solution for Oil & Gas Industries

Microverse has rich experience in handling hazardous and runaway processes involving Hydrocarbons. This enables us to take up projects in Oil and Gas industry. One of such projects is Butane and Propane handling facility at Jetty # 13 at New Mangalore Port Trust.

We have provided Ratio Controls for mixing of Propane and Butane at unloading station at Jetty # 13 at New Mangalore Port Trust. The LPG thus prepared is transported to the plant through a pipe line located 7 km away from the Jetty. The system at Jetty communicates over GPRS with the Operator Station in the Plant and various process parameters at Plant and Jetty are exchanged.

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Client Feedback

“Microverse has supplied their DCS MICROSYS 3200 ET for automation of Propane and Butane mixing facility at Jetty # 13 at New Mangalore Port Trust. The system is now getting enhanced for Remote Communications, SMS and Voice Alerts for any process upsets. We are happy with the product and post-sales support provided by MICROVERSE”
Girish Kotbagi
Vice President Operations and Logistics – Total Oil India Pvt. Ltd.

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