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Electronic Supervisor

Product Description

Electronic Supervisor is a productivity improvement tool for Batch Process plants. The Electronic Supervisor makes voice announcements of various steps involved in a Batch Process. The worker is expected to respond to the announcements by pressing ‘Acknowledge’ Push Button to confirm that he has heard the announcement and ‘Done’ Push Button to confirm that he has complied with the instruction announced over Public Address System. The Electronic Supervisor keeps track of when an instruction was announced, what time the worker acknowledged it and what time he completed the task. A detailed report of the batch is generated for the information to the management. Important process parameters are logged and included in the report. SMS alerts are sent to mobile phones of concerned persons regarding progress of the batch, process upsets.

Salient Features

  • Pre-recorded announcements in regional languages
  • Can handle multiple recipes in multiple reactors/multiple locations
  • Recipes can be developed in. xls formats
  • Can be installed in flame-proof enclosures for hazardous area applications
  • Can be expanded to a full-fledged automation system

Product Applications

  • Batch Process Plants in Chemical, Pharmaceutical industries
  • Shop-floor activities where sequential operations are carried out by workers

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Download Product Catalogue – Electronic Supervisor

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