Product Description

Cell Voltage Monitoring System (CVMS) is an important tool for Electrolytic Refining plants for Copper, Zinc, Nickel etc. These plants have several electrolytic cells connected in series. CVMS monitors voltage across individual cell and generates alarms in case of under or over voltage. Under voltage indicates short circuit whereas over voltage indicates bad connection or passivation. In addition, current and totalized ampere-hours are monitored, which indicates condition of the yield. Special tools are available to analyze the acquired data, wherein average cell voltage, deviations w.r.t. average and standard cell voltage and crop patterns are calculated.

Salient Features

  • Two models available: Wired and wireless.
  • Wired models have data concentrators to minimize cabling costs
  • Wireless models have built-in batteries which get charged from the cells
  • Individual channel isolated to over 1000 Volts
  • High CMRR
  • Immunity to heavy electromagnetic fields

Product Applications

  • Electrolytic Refining and Electro-winning of Copper, Zinc, Nickel and precious metals
  • Monitoring of Battery Banks in power stations
  • Electroplating plants
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